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Tighter Triceps
Get the look now
By Shannon Sutton

I have spent the past few months remodeling a house and, needless to say, have had much less time for my personal workouts, and I can certainly feel the difference! Not only has my cardiovascular fitness level declined, my strength and endurance have decreased as well. It’s amazing how much a regular workout routine helps to alleviate stress, increase energy and make you look and feel better overall.

It’s back to reality! I hope that those of you who have “fallen off of the fitness wagon” (or have been consistently late for departure) are ready to experience that euphoric existence. I know how hard it can be to get started, but the sooner you do, the better you’ll look and feel.

Triceps (along with rear ends and thighs) seem to be among the more stubborn areas to deal with when women are trying to achieve the results we want (and of the first to rebel against us once neglected). This month, we will focus on some basic triceps exercises.

Grasp a dumbbell with your left hand and begin with left knee on bench and right foot on floor. With a flat back and square shoulders, bend left elbow to 90 degrees near your ribcage. While maintaining elbow position, raise weight straight back until arm is parallel with torso. Slowly lower back to starting position and repeat desired number of reps (on both sides, of course).

Stand at a cable cross with either a flat bar or rope. Begin with elbows near ribcage at 90 degrees. Slowly lower weight until arms are straight, focusing on the triceps contraction. Hold for a count and return to starting position. Repeat.

Reverse-grip pull-downs
Repeat the above described exercise with a flat bar, but reverse your grip to underhand. Repeat.

If you are just starting out, perform a higher number of repetitions at a lower weight. Be sure to stretch in between sets and really up the cardiovascular exercise. Walking, jogging, biking … whatever keeps you moving and burning those calories is all beneficial.

Shannon Sutton is an independent C.P.T. (Certified Personal Trainer). Her certifications include ISSA, NASM, APEX and Reebok. She has invested years in helping individuals reach health, fitness and wellness goals. Contact Sutton by phone at (210) 722-3962 or via E-mail at

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