Back in the Saddle Again

Jan 14, 2009 | Cycling, January 2009

Get off your rear and get back on the bike

By Bonny Osterhage

New Year’s resolutions are still ringing loudly in your ears, but that brand new bike from Santa is still standing in the corner of the garage, with the bike looking as pristine as it did Christmas morning.

What’s the hold up? Why aren’t you back on the bike and keeping your promise to yourself to get back in shape? Perhaps you simply don’t know where to begin. Often we get so excited preparing for a new activity that, while somewhere in the middle of buying all the clothes, equipment and gear, we forget to actually learn how to do it.

Fortunately there are several places in San Antonio that can help even the most inexperienced bike rider get back in the saddle again.

One great resource is

This user-friendly Web site addresses several concerns, such as safe night riding, proper clothing, as well as correct pedaling techniques and body postures.

There is even an entire section devoted to road sharing and traffic laws.

Finally, there are listings of rides that offer full descriptions, including whether the ride is for all levels, beginners or advanced riders.

So don’t let fear keep you from trying something new, and stop procrastinating. Exercise isn’t that hard to take up again–in fact, it’s as easy as riding a bike!

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