Jul 15, 2009 | Fitness, July 2009

Put back fat behind you once and for all!

by Shannon Sutton, certified personal trainer

You don’t have to live with unsightly bulges resting over your bra straps! Good news, it’s easy to tighten, tone and firm your back! One of the easiest and most effective exercises is the lat pull. The bonus is that you’re simultaneously working your back, delts (shoulders), bi’s, tri’s and abs with this one simple exercise.

You can either use gym equipment or simple tubing.

Grasp the bar bar with arms in “V” position (about 45 degrees) or wider. Begin with arms fully extended, spine lengthened and abs drawn in. Lean back slightly, squeeze your shoulder blades together, and pull the bar down just below your chin. Elbows should be pointed toward your glutes. Hold for a count, then slowly return to starting position, and repeat.

Your back is such a large muscle group, and the more lean it is, the more calories you are burning all of the time, even when you’re sleeping! (The same is true with all lean muscle).

Even if you do not have a great deal of time to devote to self improvement, I would highly incorporating this exercise into your regular routine to help you get rid of back fat once and for all.

Shannon Sutton is an independent certified personal trainer. Her certifications include ISSA, NASM, APEX and Reebok. She has invested years in helping individuals reach their health, fitness and wellness goals. Contact her at (210) 722-3962.

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