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Aug 1, 2006 | August 2006, Mind & Body

Making conscious life choices vs. taking whatever comes

The Dynamic Laws of Manifestation

Law #2 – The Law of Conscious Creation
(Part two of a 12-part series)

By Chris Lucerne, PCC

This article is the second in a 12-part series on how to attract all that you desire by using the 12 universal laws of manifestation. If you are willing to set aside questioning, whether or not these laws are real, in favor of testing them out in the laboratory of your own life, read on.

It is possible to introduce positive concepts and pictures into our minds consciously.

These positive mental ideas have the power to change the outer circumstances of our lives.
~ Gay Hendricks

Last month we explored the Law of Unconscious Attraction, which says that we attract, by default, those life experiences that are appropriate to our unconscious programming. Then we tend to see those life experiences as ordained, rather than seeing them as products of our conditioning that can be changed by conscious design. (Note: Go to the resource page of my Website,, to read about Law #1 – Unconscious Attraction.)

The Law of Conscious Creation dovetails beautifully with this, for it is all about consciously choosing what you want and rewiring your unconscious programming in order to get it. Many people go through life with no clear direction; one choice leads to another choice, and that leads to another. Pretty soon, they end up in relationships or friendships with people they never intended to be with, in careers that do not satisfy them, with religious beliefs that do not support them and in situations that, had they known what it would be like, they would never have chosen. Walking this path is one of going through life in a very unconscious way.

Everything that has been created began with a thought. Look around you: Every single thing in the room that surrounds you was a thought in someone’s mind before it came into creation. While it is obvious that these tangible objects were first a creation in someone’s mind, it might not be so obvious that the relationships in your life, including the relationship with yourself, are also creations of a thought or belief. Within you is an innate ability to manifest exactly what you want in your life. You have been endowed with the gift of being both created and creator.

Think of the acorn. The acorn is something that was created out of nothingness, and it has the seeds of creation hidden in potential within it. It is at the same time created and creator, just like you. You are a microcosm of the whole universe. You carry created and creator within you. This means that you have the power to create something from nothing.

Activity for manifesting your intentions:

Step One – Discover what you really want
Before you set an intention to manifest, you must first know what you want. So, search your mind and your heart, and decide what would really, really make you happy and fulfilled. Consider these categories: relationships (partner, friends, family, business, relationship with self), work/career, money/finances, spirituality, emotional and intellectual health, physical health, fun/leisure, community service
(Note: For help in determining the aspects of your life in which you would like to set an intention to manifest, go to the resource page of my Website,, and get the tool, “Life Balance Wheel.”)

Step Two – Write intention statements:
Write an “intention statement” for each thing you want to manifest.
Intention statements are different than goals.

   Intentions                         Goals
~ Big picture ~ Specific
~ Now-oriented ~ Measurable
~ Written in present tense ~ Future-oriented
~ Driven by inspiration ~ Driven by deadline
~ Open to manifesting ~ Strategically planned
in many ways

Your intention statement must:
• Reflect what you really want (not what you don’t want) and be written in positive language.
• Be written in the present tense as if it were happening now.
• Inspire, energize and motivate you.
• Be coming from “love” and not “fear.” Only intentions that come from a pure space of love will ultimately be satisfying. Intentions set out of fear will ultimately end up dissatisfying or will often be disastrous.
• Be open enough to allow manifestation to come in many ways.

Sample Intentions:
• I celebrate and share the continuous flow of love, money and all forms of abundance in my life.
I have plenty.
• I easily resolve my issues around my body. I enjoy a healthy, fit, vibrant and attractive body.
• I live in expanding waves of love and creativity, enjoying a conscious loving relationship with my partner.

Step Three – Visualize your intentions:
At least five times per week, spend 10 to 15 minutes visualizing your intentions. If you can devote more time to it, your manifestation projects will happen even more quickly. In general, you will be creating positive pictures of your desired intentions and then beaming your choices into the future with the power of your mind.

Center Yourself: Create a clear state of consciousness by relaxing your body and opening your mind.
(If you were to create an intention from a state of being that is off-center and tense, you may unconsciously attach those qualities to that intention and manifest those in your life.)

Create Your Vision: Create present tense sentences of your intention, and bring those to life in your mind with moving pictures that represent your desire.

Experience your positive intention in vivid detail:
• What do you see?
• What do you hear?
• What do you feel (sensations and emotions)?
• What do you think?
• If relevant, what are other people doing, saying, thinking or feeling?

Step Four – Think positively:
During your visualization, and throughout your day, tune into your thoughts, your mental chatter. When you find yourself thinking thoughts that are counterproductive to your manifestation efforts, change them to something that is productive. Reaffirm your intentions.
• Direct your mind toward what you want instead of what you don’t want.
• Replace worrisome thoughts with thoughts of your vision and seeing yourself as happy and successful.
• Focus on positive actions you can take versus obsessing over what you don’t have.

Step Five – Take action:
As you continue to visualize and change your thoughts, new ideas and opportunities will come to you that are related to your intentions. Take action on those opportunities and ideas.

Be sure to love and appreciate yourself all along the path of manifesting. Appreciate yourself for all that you are, and all that you aren’t. It is only through the energy of love that we bring into our life what we really want. It is important to note that you are constantly creating your life. You have the choice of whether you will allow this to take place through “conscious creation” or if you’ll allow your life to spring forth from your unconscious programming. I encourage you to choose the conscious path and really step into the life you would most like to have.

This article is inspired by Drs. Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks. The Twelve Laws of Manifestation are based on the two-part CD set The Manifestation Course by Gay Hendricks, available at

Chris Lucerne is a Professional Certified Coach. Using a body-mind-centered approach, she specializes in two areas: supporting clients to Build Relationships that Matter (including the relationship with yourself), and to Go Beyond Loss and Embrace Life. Visit her Web site at or contact her at (210) 408-7699.

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