Don’t Just Sit There

Jan 14, 2009 | Fitness, January 2009

Inconvenience or opportunity? Making the most of your time through exercise

By Shannon Sutton

Do you ever find yourself just wasting time while sitting in traffic? Do you sit in the car, driving around and waiting for a parking spot that’s just a little closer when you would have already been inside if you’d just parked and walked a bit? Do you sit and wait while your computer is booting up or while your movie or game is loading? Do you sit and wait for your company to arrive? Do you sit and wait for the washing machine or dryer to finish a load? Well there’s no need to whine in 2009! Keep a pair of tennis shoes close at hand and make the most of your time. Don’t just sit there. Get up and move!

If you know you’re going to be stuck in traffic, then find a parking lot, school track, stadium or park and go for a brisk walk or go jog. Why not throw in some lunges or squats? When you find yourself with a few idle minutes while waiting for the dryer, pick up the detergent bottles and do some bicep curls.

Waiting for the school bus? Grab a chair or table edge and do some dips or calf raises, or drop down and do a couple of sets of crunches. Sweeping, mopping and dusting – such ordinary tasks make for extraordinary caloric expenditure, and it really adds up! The more you do, and the more frequently you do it, the more you’ll benefit.

So even if your schedule doesn’t always allow for “gym time,” remember — we all have a few minutes here and there for mini-workouts. Spend time wisely instead of wasting precious moments, and you’ll find you’ll be looking and feeling better in no time.

Shannon Sutton is an independent certified personal trainer. Her certifications include ISSA, NASM, APEX and Reebok. She has invested years in helping individuals reach their health, fitness and wellness goals. Contact her at (210) 722-3962.

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