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Feb 14, 2009 | February 2009, Fitness

New workout styles make getting fit fashionable

By Bonny Osterhage

Have you noticed that everywhere you look people are sporting workout wear? In restaurants, at the grocery store and even in stores — it seems that exercise clothes are getting a whole new life. Perhaps that’s because the newest styles in workout clothes are less for the “gym rat” and more “clotheshorse.”

If you are still wearing old T-shirts and ratty shorts to the gym, you are the last of a dying breed. There are so many flattering and functional options available that anyone can look great while running, spinning or practicing Yoga. Whatever your sport, there is something for you.

One of the hottest trends right now is the running skirt. Similar to the tennis skirt, “skort” or cool-lots, as they called them in the 1960s and ’70s, the style offers a full coverage short underneath and adds a touch of femininity to your look. Not just for runners, it is great for biking, aerobics, dancing or anywhere you would normally wear shorts.

If you don’t like showing your legs, there are plenty of pants available that fit myriad body types. Cristal Garcia, assistant manager at Lululemon says that the new workout pants are almost indistinguishable from the pants you might buy at a non-athletic store.

“They are functional but cute and trendy, too,” she says. “You can go from exercise class to running errands in these pants.”

One of the best sellers, according to Garcia is the “Groove” pant, a reversible style that features a colored waistband on one side and a plain black band on the other.

“It’s like two pants in one,” she says.

Lengths vary from an ankle crop to a flare that covers the entire shoe. With a basic black pant, any top goes. Garcia says that bright colors are huge for spring, and, like the pants, these tops look more like they belong in a fashion studio than a Yoga studio.

“The tops are very feminine,” she explains. “Many of the styles feature a drawstring on the waistline that can be cinched to look like a baby doll tank.”

Other amenities in the world of workout fashion include breathable flexible fabrics, ventilation openings and even hidden pockets for cell phones and iPods.

Even if you aren’t in perfect shape, dressing the part can help you get motivated to exercise or workout. When you look good, you feel good, and in these stylish clothes, that means you’ve already won half the battle.

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