Running Shoes

Jan 14, 2009 | January 2009, Running

They should be more about substance than style

By Bonny Osterhage

Selecting a new running shoe involves more than just choosing your favorite color or the newest style with all its bells and whistles: It involves knowing your foot, how often you run and so many other factors.

Not all running shoes are created equal. Some are designed for high arches, some for low. Some offer more ankle support, some less. The options are endless. Before you spend hundreds of dollars on the newest athlete-endorsed style running shoe, make sure it’s really the right shoe for you.

How do you do that?

    * First, consider when, where and how often you will be using the shoe. A marathon trainer running outside will need a different shoe than a slow treadmill jogger.

    * Next consider the fit. The proper shoe should fit snugly but not too tightly. You should be able to fit a thumb between the end of your big toe and the top of the shoe when you press down, and your heel should not be able to move up and down. Make sure that you measure both of your feet. You would be surprised at how many people have a mismatched pair.

    * Finally, take the shoes for a test drive around the store. Jog around for a minute or two, and check for any problems.

Remember, looks aren’t everything: Just because a shoe is the newest style doesn’t mean it’s the best. Try several pairs to get the one that is right for you.

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