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Feb 14, 2009 | February 2009, Yoga

Yoga meets Rock and Roll

By Bonny Osterhage

Recently the South Texas Fitness and Health family spied an article that mentioned that Reese Witherspoon keeps her bod looking fabulous though a class called YogaHop. Curious, we visited the Web site and discovered that this may just be the cure for those of us who find yoga a little, well, boring.

According to the site, YogaHop is more like a “dance party” than a traditional yoga class. It describes the philosophy behind the practice as “encompassing flowing yoga, exhilarating workouts and rockin’ music to give you a life-altering experience.”

The good news is that this sounds pretty fun!

The bad news is we can’t seem to find any practitioners of this brand of yoga in San Antonio. However, we did discover that you can download yoga workouts in an MP3 format from lead instructor Matthew Reyes.
Visit the site, go to instructors and click on Matthew Reyes’ to learn how.

Hey… if it’s good enough for Reese …

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